Snowdrops – April 2015 Plant of the Month

Snowdrops – on a wet and cold day when Winter has us firmly in her grip, how a patch of snowdrops can gladden the heart. They begin their flowering when little else does and therefore make themselves an invaluable addition to our gardens. Plant these lovely corms this month to ensure you are see the lovely flowers appear in July/August. Planted under deciduous trees they should bulk up quickly if fed a little and kept mulched for even moisture. Purchase at any Oderings store or online at

Camellia ‘Fairy Blush’  – March 2015 Plant of the Month

This beauty is called C. ‘Fairy Blush’. It was bred by Mark Jury and is a seedling of the camellia species C. lutchuensis. Camellia ‘Fairy Blush’ is classed as a miniature camellia. The flowers are light apple blossom pink fading to a paler pink in the centre and wonderfully perfumed. These masses of flowers are borne all along the branches from tip to toe and are a great source of nectar for birds, especially Tui and Wax Eye in the winter months. Bees are also attracted in good numbers and there is a lot of research being done at present on the benefits of Camellia nectar for bees over the winter period. Having small leaves and small flowers, it lends itself to being kept trimmed as a short hedge at 1m or left to grow to its natural height of around 2.5m to 3m if desired. You could grow it as […]

Oderings Plant of the month New for 2014, the colourful foliage tints of Hebe ‘Rhubarb & Custard’ make a big impression in pots and borders, while the pretty pink flowers add extra impact in summer. The leaf colour of many hebes intensifies in winter, but these pink, cream and green leaves are vivid all year. A show stopper in a pot or border, the foliage is joined by small pink flowers in late summer. Grow in well-drained soil in full sun or part shade. Height and spread 60cm (2ft), fully hardy. Available in store or

The most exciting release for 2014 is a world first and Oderings’ own exclusive black petunia named ‘Dark Heart’. It has very large, near-black flowers, which at times have undertones of a deep purple hue. In the trials, it had a mounding habit but did not really cascade. ‘Dark Heart’ is unique and will be the show piece in your garden. Petunias put on a fantastic show all season, so be the first person in your part of the world to have a double black petunia. Available in store or

Strawberry Aromas – October Plant of the Month

Oderings are proud to offer you the commercial strawberry variety for 2014 called Aromas. This strawberry offers consistently large to very large fruit which is red with pale flesh. It has a great flavour with a firm texture. Best of all it is heavy yielding, and is especially suited to the Christchurch climate. Buy online at Oderings

How can we not mention roses for the month of July. Oderings new seasons roses have arrived. Often in Winter my interest in the garden becomes as dormant as the plants, and I curl up with a book and a nice hot cuppa, and ignore the cold weather around me. Although this is likely the hardest time to find motivation in the garden, it is one of the most important seasons for planting, pruning, tidying, and spraying of deciduous trees, fruit trees, and roses. If you have roses in the garden or want to plant a rose this season, then read all you need to know at

Blackberry Nip has deep unfading purple blooms of a medium size on long stems and a powerful old fashioned fragrance. Now available as a climbing rose it is back at Oderings with better numbers available. Pre order at any Oderings store or online at Don’t forget Oderings deliver to your door!

Meyer Lemon – May Plant of the Month

Meyer Lemon This lemon is the perfect, cold hardy variety ideal for Christchurch conditions. With Autumn being “nature’s planting time” plant a lemon now so it can establish for a huge burst of growth come Spring. Lemons are one of the easiest citrus to grow. Purchase at any Oderings store or online at

Looks and tastes like an apple but has the skin and texture of a pear. A NZ bred hybrid of European and Asian pears with stunning almost fluorescent pinkish-red skin. Sweeter and more complex flavours than traditional nashi with the same juiciness. This plant was released in small numbers last year and was a hit and is now available again. The papple is self fertile but will fruit better with another pear or nashi close by. Available in store or online at

Mother of Herbs (Plectranthus amboinicus) Common Names: Indian borage, Spanish thyme or Cuban oregano. This is an exciting new herb to add to our already extensive range and is used in traditional Indian medicine for its soporific qualities among other things. If you have trouble sleeping try adding one leaf to a cup of boiling water and drink it before going to bed. This unusual herb loves well-drained soil in either full sun or part-shade, but it is a little tender in the cold temperatures (it will grow happily inside). Pinch out leaves on the growth tips to maintain a compact shape; this should be easy as you harvest it for your cooking and teas. Available in store or online at

Blueberry ‘Swirl’ Exclusive for CHS Members Blueberries are considered a wonder food and are a fantastic addition to the garden, whether grown as a specimen plant in a container, or as a low hedge. New for 2014 and exclusive to Oderings is Blueberry ‘Swirl’. This delicious treat is a busy ‘rabbit eye’ type and is perfect for home gardens throughout the country. ‘Swirl’ is a self-fertile, but cross-pollination of two different varieties with improved fruit quality and higher yields. Heavy cropping and disease resistant, it is very tasty in muffins, pies, desserts, smoothies – or simply eaten straight from the bush. ‘Swirl’ is not available until mid to late February and is only being released to CHS Members and Ellerslie ticket holders. To pre-order please email:

The Iriso drip feed irrigation system is a unique system that automatically waters your plants without mains water, electricity, pumps, batteries or timers.

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