Following are the Rules governing the P C Browne Scholarship. This scholarship was established many years ago by the Management Committee of the Canterbury Horticultural Society. The Society through its Management Committee is responsible for the administration of the scholarship. Any amendments to these Rules must be approved by the Management Committee.

To encourage and assist horticultural students and others similarly engaged to extend their knowledge on a special horticultural topic of their choice, by means of additional work experience, study and/or research.

Applicants for the scholarship shall be horticultural students, apprentices, trainees or similar, residing in the province of Canterbury at the time of their application.

Applicants shall provide their full name and address, current employment and/or study details, their chosen topic together with proposed means to gaining further knowledge. Applicants may be required to attend an interview, and all applicants will be advised in writing of the success or otherwise of their application.

The successful applicant/awardee at conclusion of their approved work experience/study shall submit to the Society’s Management Committee, a written (typed) report on their findings and knowledge gained. This report is to be on A4 paper, of approximately 3000 words, and to include some photographs. It may be published in whole or in part in the Society’s newsletter. The awardee may also be invited to give a talk of their experiences to Society members.

A grant of such sum as determined by the Management Committee of the Society shall be made available to the successful applicant. Any grant shall not exceed $1000, as at the date indicated below.

The Society shall call for applications by notification in its Newsletter and/or online database. Notification may be also be through other appropriate media and horticultural organisations. Applications may be accepted at any time.

Please contact Canterbury Horticultural Society to make an application.

August 2022