Discover the Effects of the Jasmine Plant on Health

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Discover the Effects of the Jasmine Plant on Health Jasmine is a plant believed to have originated in the western Chinese Himalayas. The name is derived from the Persian yasmin, meaning “a gift from God,” because of the strong, pleasant scent of jasmine’s flowers. More than 300 species of jasmine exist, most of which are … Read More

Growing Microgreens

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Microgreens As always at this time of year I have started off my micro greens. Although most of my garden is looking good, the summer lettuces are about to finish and my aromatic herbs, basil and coriander, are dying off. Hopefully with the garden centres about to open again I can fix the lettuce problem … Read More

Monthly Tips & Tasks – May

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May is the month that we see the days getting much shorter and cooler so we need to get the gardens ready for the coming winter.

There is not much to do in the way of seed sowing and seedling transplanting but we can plant trees and shrubs so that they can make new roots and get established before the colder wetter ground of the late winter. Once the leaves have finished falling we can think about pruning fruit trees and getting the sprays on for pest and disease control in the coming growing season.

The last of the spring bulbs should now be planted; be careful to mark were they are so that you do not damage them when weeding near the time that they will be emerging. read more

Easter Buns

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My girlfriend sent me a picture of these delicious looking buns on Easter Friday so I just had to try them out myself. They are adapted from a Nadia Lim recipe. First version was a little under-spiced so  I made some adjustments and the second batch was much improved. I had to substitute a few … Read More

Rhubarb Butterscotch Pie

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This scrumptious autumn recipe is from Wendy Marshall’s well-used, cover-less Burnside High School Cookbook 1st ed. circa 1968. (The comment is from her teenaged daughter Meredith) Feel free to replace the short pie crust with sweet pastry sheets. It keeps for a couple of days in the fridge if you are strong-willed. Delicious hot or … Read More

Fruit & Vege Deliveries

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Home deliveries There are still a few options for getting your fruit and vegetables delivered in Christchurch – without the wait times of the big supermarket chains. We’ve come across a few that might appeal to our members. If you hear of any, or would like to share your experiences do let us know so … Read More

The Virtue of virtual


What Virtual Meetings can do for you Being online at the moment is essential for businesses to get through this period of COVID-19 pandemic. Not only for sales, but for connecting with customers and even continuing events. It is also relevant socially and can work form anything from wine tasting groups to book clubs. Here … Read More

Our Vegetable Garden

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Our vegetable garden has been in for quite a few years, we put it in not long after we came to live here. It took quite a while to improve the soil and adding homemade compost and sheep pellets regularly over the early years has produced soil that gives us good crops. Having such a … Read More