Microclimates in the Garden

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One of the more interesting aspects of gardening is the identification of areas in the garden which have different climates. In these locations, we can grow plants that may be different from those of our neighbours and friends. Identifying microclimates also allows gardeners to plan their garden for the best results. To understand microclimates is to understand your garden, its orientation, soils, slope (if any), shelter, setting of the house, buildings, and anything else that directly effects the site. Gardeners also need to understand the microclimates of rainfall, sunshine hours, prevailing winds, wind types, temperature variation and the like. It is the combination of these factors which creates microclimates in the garden. Every garden has microclimates. Here is a description of some of the factors.

‘Enua Mai Plants of the Pacific

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‘Enua Mai Plants of the Pacific Trail

Voyage through the Botanic Gardens and discover the plants of the Pacific Islands. Learn about tropical food plants such as coconut and taro and try your hand at making Tongan ngatu patterns, make a vaka model and more on this self-guided discovery trail.

Collect your free trail brochure from the Botanic Gardens Visitor Centre or the Kiosk. Please bring your own pencil or pen for activities.

Monthly Tips & Tasks – July

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July is better spent indoors and is certainly not the time to undertake any big outdoor projects! The recent rain will recharge the ground water, hopefully we’ll continue to get more before the spring work starts.

As the ground is now very wet it’s important to avoid digging or planting until the moisture in the soil dries out a little. This prevents damaging the structure of the soil.

Monthly Tips & Tasks – June

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June means winter is here. Fortunately we’ve had some rain but more is needed to increase soil moisture to a point were it is no longer in deficit.
The last of the leaves will have fallen so now is the time to give the whole garden a good clean up, removing all the leaves, weeds and plants that have finished.
Pruning fruit trees can be started but only on fine sunny days, there is no great hurry yet!

Monthly Tips & Tasks – May

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May heralds the end of autumn and the beginning of winter so many of the tasks this month involve cleaning up around the garden and doing repairs and maintenance on green houses, shade houses and any structures used for climbing plants. Autumn has been mild and dry so far, so many of the plants have not yet dried off (dahlias and begonias) or frosted back. This may delay lifting them for the winter but if you want to plant some of the winter /spring plants you can lift them and place them in trays to dry off. Spring bulbs will need to be planted before the end of the month as the colder wetter weather will make it more difficult once it arrives.

National Chrysanthemum Show 2021

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This month is the transition from summer to autumn and a very busy time in the garden. Nights are cooler and morning dew is on the grass. 

Pip fruit harvest time is here with apples and pears at their very best. Choose only the very best, sound fruit for storage over the winter and the second quality fruit for now, or to make into sauces or jelly.

Monthly Tips & Tasks – April

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April is the real month of autumn when the trees put on their spectacle of coloured leaves. Although we are approaching the end of the growing season for summer fruit, vegetables and flowers, we still have time to prepare the ground for the autumn planting of trees and shrubs.
This is a busy month for bulb planting and for winter annuals such as pansies, violas, polyanthus, primulas, wall flowers, forget-me-nots and poppies.

Monthly Tips & Tasks – December

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The longer days of Summer are here along with the warmer days and nights which means plants will grow rapidly. There are many tasks in the garden that will need to be attended to on a regular schedule.
We have had some useful rain in the last month but not enough to sustain good plant growth so watering is needed. Watering is best directed to the areas of the root zone of the plants and given a good soaking so that they may need to be watered about once every 10 to 14 days dependant on how hot and windy the weather has been.