Microclimates in the Garden

Microclimates in the Garden

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One of the more interesting aspects of gardening is the identification of areas in the garden which have different climates. In these locations, we can grow plants that may be different from those of our neighbours and friends. Identifying microclimates also allows gardeners to plan their garden for the best results. To understand microclimates is to understand your garden, its orientation, soils, slope (if any), shelter, setting of the house, buildings, and anything else that directly effects the site. Gardeners also need to understand the microclimates of rainfall, sunshine hours, prevailing winds, wind types, temperature variation and the like. It is the combination of these factors which creates microclimates in the garden. Every garden has microclimates. Here is a description of some of the factors.

Monthly Tips & Tasks – December

Monthly Tips & Tasks – December

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December is the real start of Summer and after a very changeable Spring we look forward to a more settled and warmer time. Overall Spring has been a good growing season and as a result there has been a good set of both stone and pip. Because of this there is a need to thin out the developing fruit so that the size and quality of the crop is achieved.

The planting of Summer annuals needs to be completed and with the possibility of water restrictions mulching in as much of the garden areas as possible should be done to help retain soil moisture.

Landscape Design in the home garden Tips # 4

Landscape Design Tips

The next instalment from Kowhai Thompson Landscape Design Trends 2017 Hyperlocalism There are several key trends to be aware of in 2017, one of which is hyperlocalism. For a long time landscape architects and designers have been enjoying using NZ native plants in their designs. Natives are unique, beautiful, hardy and thrive in our soils. … Read More

Update an Established Garden

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Kowhai Thompson provides some simple tips for a garden renovation One question we face when we purchase a property or when we have lived in the same place for some time is: how do we update this garden?  What do we keep? What do we remove? How do we tie this whole garden together? Gardens … Read More