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Meetings & Contacts

All meetings begin at 2pm. Please contact Ray King for venue.

Ray King
Tel: 341 1154
Mob: 021 037 0675


2018 Meetings

Meetings take place once a month on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 2pm.

Please bring your own foliage and flowers to each workshop, some will be there to use for those that are unable to do this. Also bring pen and notebook, as there will be lessons each week.

September update
Currently the group is studying the upright styles of Ikebana under the tutoring of Ray King.
This month’s meeting tackled Nageire Variation 1. We are all finding these styles challenging and yet rewarding. Balancing line colour and space, and being brave enough to trim and snip to achieve distinct lines can be demanding. Several of the group have experience in Ikebana and there is a pleasant atmosphere and lots of encouragement. The results are very encouraging and make much of a few simple components. Our workshop in a sunroom is filled with light, inspiration and mutual enjoyment.

Floral Design Group

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