Nominations for the Canterbury Horticultural Society 2019 Awards are now closed.

Silver Service Award Outstanding HorticulturalistKowhai

Canterbury Horticultural Society Silver Service Award

In appreciation of the outstanding contribution made to the Canterbury Horticultural Society

This award is for Outstanding Service to the CHS in any capacity usually over a long period of time.

This award does not have to be offered each year. Only one can be awarded at a time.

Freda Hunter
Ruth Bird
Elizabeth Peacock
Isobel Clemens
Micheal Coulter

Canterbury Horticultural Society Kowhai Award

In appreciation of the outstanding contribution made to the Canterbury Horticultural Society

Introduced in the 2001 the Kowhai Award is for members who have provided good Volunteer Service to CHS in any capacity helping front of house or behind the scenes or sharing knowledge.

This award is to recognize a wide range of people who have shared their love of gardening and plants with others through their individual efforts and in their own way significantly supported the CHS.

Note this award is not available to Board members for Board work. There is no limit on the number that can be awarded in each year.

Marilyn Henderson
Bob Henderson
Andrew Tainui
Annette Hill
Leonie Jackson
Lyndsay Day
Faye Fyfe
Susan Doherty
Daggie Goeke
Denis Peacock
Pam Templeton
Beryl Vernon
Lorraine Moody
Maggie Croy
Dulcie Brook
Keith Mitchelmore
Joan Barnes
Bob Fyfe
Allan Paterson (Magic Moss)
Gail Scrivener
Zoe West
Adele Wignall
Anne Warren
Ann Henderson
Peter King
Elizabeth Peacock
Geoff Humm

Canterbury Horticultural Society Outstanding Horticulturalist Award

For a person demonstrating an outstanding contribution in Horticulture*.

Not limited to members only. There is no maximum number of award holders.

The purpose of the is award is to recognise people who have demonstrated

  • Great horticultural knowledge
  • Commitment to the distribution of knowledge
  • demonstrated horticultural practice to a wider audience
David Adams,
Julian Odering
Michael Coulter
Eiji Kawada
Jeremy Hawker
Freda Hunter
Phil Ducker
David Purcell
Joe Cartman
Michael Brown
Greg Byrnes
Rachel Vogan

Canterbury Horticultural Society John Taylor Award

For Leadership in Horticulture

For a person demonstrating outstanding leadership and service to horticulture*.

Not limited to members only. A maximum of 40 people at a time may hold this award.

John Taylor was a member of the CHS, its President and member of the Board for many years. He was the first NZ student to study at Kew Gardens in London, worked at the Christchurch Botanic Gardens and became a well-known Nurseryman and successful businessman. He later became a Senior Lecturer at Lincoln University starting the Diploma in Parks and Recreation Administration. He was recognised by the Queen with an OBE.

The purpose of the is award is to recognise people who have demonstrated

  • outstanding leadership
  • outstanding horticultural knowledge
  • outstanding ability in the practice and demonstration of horticulture
  • commitment to development and distribution of knowledge

Only one award can be made in any year.

Athol McCully
Neiel Drain
Colin Meurk
Di Lucas
Murray Dawson

Definition of Horticulture
For the purposes of these awards Horticulture is defined as gardening, floral art, horticultural display, conservation, horticultural research, botany, horticultural teaching, horticultural writing, plant photography, nursery horticulture, amenity horticulture, vegetable production, floriculture and any other aspect that is associated with the preceding areas where a clear benefit to society can be demonstrated.

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