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3rd Monday of the month at 7:30pm
Rock and Mineral Clubrooms
110 Waltham Rd


President: Jane Coulter
Tel:027 699 2960

Treasurer: Richard Hensby
Secretary: Elizabeth Burtt

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Nature Photography Society of NZ

Passionate Photographers


We are a society of enthusiasts who explore and enjoy nature photography through guest lectures, field trips, exhibitions, members’ showcases and social nights. We enjoy getting out with our cameras in hand on weekend and day field trips to explore and appreciate many parts of the country and hone our photography skills. We also do the occasional field trip to more exotic locations, such as Africa and the wilds of Stewart Island. Our society is slightly different to others in that we do not run competitions within our society. However, we do occasionally hold exhibitions of members’ work and plan to mount similar ones on a regular basis as a means of showcasing our members’ talent.

Code of Ethics

  • Nature photographers pursue their interest, because they appreciate the value of the natural world.
  • They will, through their actions, encourage all who participate in the enjoyment of nature, to do so in a way that best promotes good stewardship of the natural resources.
  • This includes not interfering with wildlife and respecting their space.
  • You are requested to consider your lens choice to minimise disruption to their lives.
  • Avoid damaging or interfering with fragile environments and resist imposing at vulnerable times like breeding season.

Photo credit top: James Thompson

Photo Credit left: Bob Wright