Monthly Tips & Tasks – November

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As I write this it has been raining overnight (18mm) which is the first real rain that we have had over the last month, the plants will really appreciate this and it will mean a few days without the need to water the garden.

I noticed that some plants are showing signs of significant frost damage which is causing the leaves to be rather distorted. This may appear as if the plants have been harmed by a herbicide, given time they should grow through the damage.

The frost may have also caused the fruit set on stone fruit plants to drop so it may be a light crop this year.

Ramblers July / August

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In late July fourteen Ramblers met at the city Bus Exchange on a bitterly cold morning to walk some of the central city laneways. For many, getting there was a novel journey travelling by bus into the city – a new
experience. Leaving the Bus Exchange we walked along Tuam St to Manchester St making our way to the walkway behind Environment Canterbury to Mata Lane and back out to Tuam St. Heading towards Colombo
St to re-join the walkway at what was known as Mollet St past Ao Tawhiti Unlimited Discovery School and onto Durham St. From here to Tuam St again, onto Lava Lane and Greenway Lane to Montreal St from there
to the Memorial Wall walk to the Riverside Market to weave through walk ways to emerge into Cashel Mall.

Monthly Tips & Tasks – September

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Spring has now arrived and in my garden plants are really moving into growth. The weather has been on the dry side with only 4mm of rain at the time of writing, for August we would expect 40mm so it is dry. The Spring bulbs will need to have some water if this dry spell continues so that they can grow well and be in good condition to produce flowers next year.

The apricot, peach and nectarine are in full flower now which is about 2 weeks earlier than usual so hopefully there will not be any hard frosts that can damage the flowers. The soil is now dry enough to dig over and work up to make a good friable soil ready for seed sowing or the transplanting of seedlings. read more…

Ramblers June/July

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Winter Rambles A misty day greeted ten Ramblers on the 23rd of June. Starting from The Kiosk in the Botanic Gardens where nature had created interesting sculptures in the shrubbery the group continued along Armagh St rambling along to Victoria Square. A bleak looking area on a not so nice day in Winter. A Weeping … Read More

Ramblers Restart

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Ramblers restart Restarting Ramblers post covid-19 lockdown was a delight as 22 turned out to ramble through parts of Fendalton, this included three new faces. Everyone wanted to see a new area from the area they had been walking in while lockdown exercising. After a good frost and a bright sky the group started out … Read More

Discover the Effects of the Jasmine Plant on Health

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Discover the Effects of the Jasmine Plant on Health Jasmine is a plant believed to have originated in the western Chinese Himalayas. The name is derived from the Persian yasmin, meaning “a gift from God,” because of the strong, pleasant scent of jasmine’s flowers. More than 300 species of jasmine exist, most of which are … Read More

Growing Microgreens

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Microgreens As always at this time of year I have started off my micro greens. Although most of my garden is looking good, the summer lettuces are about to finish and my aromatic herbs, basil and coriander, are dying off. Hopefully with the garden centres about to open again I can fix the lettuce problem … Read More

Easter Buns

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My girlfriend sent me a picture of these delicious looking buns on Easter Friday so I just had to try them out myself. They are adapted from a Nadia Lim recipe. First version was a little under-spiced so  I made some adjustments and the second batch was much improved. I had to substitute a few … Read More