Leonie Jackson

Leonie Jackson

Leonie has been a dedicated CHS Member and volunteer for a significant period, dating back to her early involvement with her parents, Rae and Harold Mintrom, at the monthly plant sales table. Despite being a busy mother of three boys and a Primary School teacher, Leonie actively contributed to the legendary annual CHS Garage Sales and even served as the Secretary of the Board.

As retirement approached, Leonie found a new weekly opportunity to share her passion for horticulture and inspire children by assisting with the Bot Tots preschool session. Reflecting on the importance of connecting the younger generation with the natural world, she emphasised the value of the CHS engaging with the public in the gardens. The drop-in sessions create a relaxed atmosphere for conversations about gardening while engaging young minds, bringing vibrancy to the Kiosk.

Outside of her volunteer commitments, Leonie enjoys spending time with her grandson, exploring the country in her campervan, and indulging in her love for singing. Additionally, she volunteers at the Silver Stream Reserve in Clarkville, focusing on regenerating native bush to provide habitat for the rare Boulder Copper butterfly.

Bot Tot Preschooler

The CHS welcomes anyone interested in contributing to Bot Tots, whether it's an hour here or there, or once a month. For more information, please contact Rachel at rachel@chsgardens.co.nz. Join us in fostering a connection with nature and inspiring the next generation!