Autumn is a bustling season in the garden, marked this year by noticeable daytime temperature drops in March. Despite morning dews, rainfall remains scarce, leaving soil moisture notably low. This month is prime for lawn renovation in preparation for winter. Feeding, weed spraying, top dressing, and resowing yield optimal results while the soil remains warm and grass growth continues.

Areas with moss growth should be treated with sulfate of iron and aerated to enhance drainage. In the flower garden, the transition from Summer blooms to Autumn flowers begins. To prolong flowering, regularly deadhead plants like Dahlias, Begonias, and other annuals. With Chrysanthemums coming into bloom, ensure proper support and pest/disease management.

Gladiolas can be lifted now and dried for storage, with labeling for corm identification. This season is ideal for taking cuttings of Geraniums (Pelargoniums) and Fuchsias for overwintering.

Winter vegetable crops should be thriving and require only minimal weeding. Unused areas can be sown with green crops to enrich soil for upcoming seasons. Spring bulbs should be planted now, either directly in the garden or in pots, using only firm, healthy bulbs or corms planted at the correct depth.

Autumn also presents a favorable time for planting trees and shrubs, allowing for establishment before Winter. Take advantage of seasonal sales from retailers to make beneficial purchases. Keep an eye out for that plant you've always wanted.

Happy gardening!
Michael Coulter

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