From the President – September 2017

From the Board

Two wonderful talks last month have made my year First was Gwen Grelet at the last All About Gardening where she talked about soil and all the soil fungi that help our plants to grow. Science has moved on rapidly with smarter microscopes, photography and analysis of soil borne organisms. It was mind boggling to … Read More

Being values driven

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Over two days in August 1988, the United Building Society had $180million of its depositors’ funds withdrawn! Customers had heard rumours that United was in trouble and they rushed to take out their money before the anticipated collapse occurred. Bankers call this a “run on funds”. Short of outright collapse it is the worst scenario … Read More

From the President – December 2015

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Special thanks to all our members who led and participated in our display at the A&P Show. I saw many people talking to us there and this is an important part of our outreach programme. Christmas is almost upon us and we are all planning family events. There is no better environment for this than … Read More

A Generous Benefactor & Lover of Gardening

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In March this year we were advised by Perpetual Guardian that the CHS was one of a number of beneficiaries of the estate of Audrey Valmai Batchelor. Other charities to benefit were Salvation Army, World Vision, Orana Wildlife Trust, Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society et al, a total of 12 charities in all. The … Read More

From the President – November 2015

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Over the last 4 days I have been in both Auckland and Whangarei. The Auckland University grounds provided a wonderful collection of plants many well labelled and very well managed and maintained. Other public gardens and plots were also looking very nice. Here in Whangarei we visited the Quarry Gardens where a great variety of … Read More

From the President – July 2015

From the Board

Last month’s Special General Meeting was attended by 31 members. It was passed unanimously that the CHS change the current 30 June financial year to a calendar year in order to reflect CHS activities. Membership subscriptions will continue to be sent out this month for a 12 month period. Confirmation of the Sale and Purchase … Read More

From the President – June 2015

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I’m sure the 28 people who joined the Look & Learn session at Moffat’s Nursery will agree that it was a fascinating experience. For someone brought up in a family of Rosarians and at my age (21 Again?) I thought I knew about growing roses…. wrong!  Being taken through the enormous glass houses showed there … Read More