AlanOver the last 4 days I have been in both Auckland and Whangarei. The Auckland University grounds provided a wonderful collection of plants many well labelled and very well managed and maintained. Other public gardens and plots were also looking very nice. Here in Whangarei we visited the Quarry Gardens where a great variety of plants are grown.

Christchurch has a problem! In a very short period of time we may not be able to call ourselves the Garden City. In both public and private gardens we appear to be losing ground to other cities.

  • The volume of green space is less that other cities
  • The variety of trees and plants is limited
  • The maintenance of public gardens is not as good as other cities

The question now is what can we, the CHS, do about this?

I believe the CHS is in a position to influence this, our Garden City future.

  • We can promote all forms of gardens to our current and future members
  • We can work with other groups to promote higher standards of horticulture across the city
  • We can advocate to various public bodies for improvement in management and maintenance of our public gardens, parks and reserves

Alan Jolliffe CHS President