Working with Wai-Ora

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The central ethos underpinning the CHS’s strategic direction is that of sharing our horticultural knowledge and the sheer joy of growing one’s own fruit, vegetables and flowers. Right now there’s a strong drive within Canterbury towards community-based, edible gardens and we are seeking opportunities to collaborate with such groups and maybe get involved in joint … Read More

From the President – February 2015

From the Board

Welcome to 2015. The Board face many challenges this year as we strive to provide value and excellence in horticulture for our members. There are many hard decisions to be made for the future growth of our Society and we ask for whole-hearted support from you all as we face some very exciting changes, beginning … Read More

Garden Trends

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US-based Garden Media has been producing garden trend reports for 14 years and the 2015 report makes interesting reading. Gardening was found to go hand in hand with a healthy lifestyle. “People see both outdoor and indoor spaces as extensions of themselves and are making conscious decisions to use plants and garden products as “tools” … Read More

A & P Show 2014

From the Board

For this years A&P show the CHS invited members of the public to share a cuppa and a question with our best Garden Gurus. Dave Adams, Carole Anderton, Michael Coulter, Freda Hunter, Alan Jolliffe, Athol McCully, Alan Paterson and Rachel Vogan fielded a range of gnarly horticultural and gardening questions over the 3 days of … Read More

Greening the young

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CHS Manager Tony Kunowski was invited to contribute the following article to the November issue of Metropol An old joke said “Keep New Zealand Green. Don’t tell the Kiwis anything!” More recently there has been vigorous debate nationwide, mainly inspired by our polluted waterways, on just how green NZ is and the validity of our … Read More

From the President – November 2014

From the Board

What a month of contrasts this has been and I am not talking just about the weather. Our drive way is now clear and clean with parking much improved. Oderings night was a huge success with so many of you coming. The Cafe food was great and the savings on gardening goods was excellent. Many … Read More

Changes afoot

From the Board

As the implementation of our strategic plan gathers pace members can expect a few changes in the months ahead. Some projects such as the Orchards in Schools will be put on hold pending another funding round as well as the requisite seasonal change. Others such as the Winter Speaker Series, Interactive Horticulture Workshops and Special … Read More

AGM News 2014

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Around 40 members attended this year’s AGM held on 4 September. Two new Board members were elected – Rachel Vogan and Aaron Keown.  Amendments to the CHS rules were passed to dispense with membership cards, allow the co-option of the immediate past-president to the Board and to change the quorum from 5 to “a majority … Read More

From the President – October 2014

From the Board

Recently our Ramblers walk took us along River Road and Banks Avenue. We were all shocked by the devastation that is so obvious there. In the City all is a grey wasteland; here this area is still green and although so many houses are gone, many of the gardens, trees and shrubs remain. Dianna Madgin’s … Read More

Family Silver

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Honorary Member, Neiel Drain gives wonderful insight into the commitment and dedication of many past, and present members, and their contribution to the Society’s various flower shows and garden competitions over many decades.