This month we celebrate the fourth Edible Garden Awards – and what a bountiful selection of gardens we have seen over the years!

EdibleNow is a good time to stop and think about horticultural and gardening trends. In other words, what’s happening.

Here are my ideas what are yours?

Edible Gardens

  • Edible gardens will continue to move from the vegetable garden to take over some of the ornamental gardens in and around our houses.
  • Edible gardens will become cleaner and tidier but retain their organic ideals.
  • Edible gardens will become more productive as we learn how to manage them better.

Ornamental Gardens & Home Landscaping

  • There will be more demand, but only slowly, for a wider range of garden plants.
  • People will seek to find more unusual plants but nurseries will be slow to source them and grow them due to limited demand (unfortunately).
  • Lawns will continue to get smaller and will disappear altogether on smaller sections.
  • Potted bedding plants will continue to drop off as people realise the amount of work required to keep containers going.

Outdoor Living Spaces

  • We still have along way to go in creating sheltered outdoor living spaces that truly allow the outdoors to be experienced over a longer period in our climate.
  • Quality decks will replace patios as they are warmer (concrete is cold)

Online Gardening Information

  • The quality of this information will continue to improve as some poorer websites are taken offline and more knowledge is shared via video.
  • People will continue to use websites and social media for gardening information.

Let us know what you think will happen!

Alan Jolliffe CHS President