[one_half]Where were you born and where did you spend most of your childhood?

Born in Cape Town, South Africa, where I spent my childhood and most of my adult life.

Where do you live now and with whom?

My husband, David passed away four years ago, I still live in the same house on the Cashmere Hills.

What gardening or horticultural interests do you have now?

My home, garden and Burmese cat are my pride and joy. Fortunately I am still fit enough to keep up gardening on the hillside. I also have an interest in a garden at Halswell Quarry Park, which Cashmere Garden Club supports.

What’s your favourite plant and why?

I don’t really have a favourite plant – I like colour and texture and favour proteaceae, rhododendrons and heucheras, and have many varieties in my garden. I started gardening at a very early age, as both my Mother and Grandmother were keen gardeners.[/one_half]

[one_half_last] What’s been your most challenging and/or rewarding gardening project ?

My challenging garden project has been gardening in a very different climate compared to Cape Town, as well as gardening on a hillside, which was initially quite a challenge.

When did you join the CHS and why?

I joined the CHS in late 1996 in order to meet people and learn about the different plants grown in Christchurch.

What is your passion for the future of the CHS?

My passion for the future of the CHS – I think it is heading in the right direction, but more emphasis could be made of member’s gardens. Gardeners have a wealth of untapped knowledge and visiting them could be very informative. [/one_half_last]