Oderings Plant of the MonthThis beauty is called C. ‘Fairy Blush’. It was bred by Mark Jury and is a seedling of the camellia species C. lutchuensis.

Camellia ‘Fairy Blush’ is classed as a miniature camellia. The flowers are light apple blossom pink fading to a paler pink in the centre and wonderfully perfumed. These masses of flowers are borne all along the branches from tip to toe and are a great source of nectar for birds, especially Tui and Wax Eye in the winter months. Bees are also attracted in good numbers and there is a lot of research being done at present on the benefits of Camellia nectar for bees over the winter period.

Having small leaves and small flowers, it lends itself to being kept trimmed as a short hedge at 1m or left to grow to its natural height of around 2.5m to 3m if desired. You could grow it as a bush or trim it as a ball shape or pillar, and although ‘Fairy Blush’ is a good garden plant it is also a very good container plant.

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