July is Fruit Tree Time at Oderings


Plant of the Month

Once again Oderings will have a great range of fruit trees available for purchase from the start of July.

Recommended for urban dwellers is the dwarf pear tree. Pear Garden Belle is the first truly dwarf variety of pear in New Zealand, growing to just 3m tall (rather than 6+).

Deliciously sweet-flavoured fruit with smooth, soft flesh and green and mildly russet skin. Ripens in mid-Summer and stores well. An attractive tree with white Spring blossoms, glossy Summer foliage turning to golden-orange Autumn tones.

Best planted near another Pear or Nashi variety for cross pollination. [/one_half]


Purchase any deciduous fruit tree this month at Oderings and receive a free Waimea ‘Grow it yourself A-Z of Edibles’ book valued at $12.95 when you swipe your VIP card. 

Also for each fruit tree purchased go into the draw to win a prize pack worth $330.

More details can be found online at www.oderings.co.nz [/one_half_last]