May Plant of the Month – Anemone Double Mixed

A new NZ introduction, this is a world’s first seed-grown, double flowering anemone. The awesome cut flowers grow on 30cm high stems with frilly flowers of red, white and blue, bringing a splash of vibrancy to any planter, pot or garden. Frost hardy and stunning.

November Plant of the Month – Griselinia Gecko Green

Griselinia Gecko Green A more compact version of its brother plant Broadway Mint, this hedge master has a slightly smaller foliage and is much more compact, creating a denser hedge or specimen plant and amazing contrast as a backdrop to the garden. Available at all Oderings stores or online:

September Plant of the Month – Carex Spark Plug

Carex Spark Plug We are very proud to introduce the first new Carex in years, available exclusively from Oderings! Spark Plug forms short, tight clumps of variegated foliage that looks like electric sparks. The colours and leaf architecture make this a magnificent blender or filler for the garden or combine it with other plants in containers. Available at all Oderings stores or online:

August Product of the Month – BeeGAP

BeeGAP Partnering with Oderings Garden Centres, BeeGAP is delighted to introduce a wide range of pollination-based products, both bee, bird, butterfly and conservation related, – available in store and online from the 14th of August. From bee habitats and bee baths to bird feeders and butterfly shelters and much, much more, Oderings is excited to offer everything you need to welcome these great pollinators to your place. Adding to this opportunity, gardeners now have the unique option to purchase live bumble bee colonies or try their hand at raising the wonderfully gentle-natured leafcutter bees – a perfect way to get involved and play your part in a home-grown solution for everyone. What to know more? Attend the workshop at Oderings on Saturday 12 August at 10.30am to hear a talk from the experts, as well as some great introductory prices. $10 per person. If you can’t make that, Pamela Smith will […]

July Plant of the Month – Pansy Lemonade

Pansy Lemonade Everyone needs a splash of colour, especially in Winter and early Spring. Pansy Lemonade is a 2017 standout with large bright creamy-lemon blooms with a black face and golden yellow picotee edges. Excellent for pots, garden beds and borders or wherever you want impact. Available in our bedding plant range with 9 plants per punnet. Available at all Oderings stores or online:

June Plant of the Month – NEW Dianthus Rockin’ Crimson

NEW Dianthus Rockin’ Crimson With small but vibrant, eye-catching crimson-red flowers that come in clusters on single stems, we believe this new perennial dianthus rocks! It grows to 40–50cm tall providing a nice midrange height, and the flowering stems vary in height, giving layers of colour. Available at all Oderings stores or online:

May Plant of the Month – Helleborus Petticoat White Picotee

Helleborus Petticoat White Picotee A new very exciting hellebore hybrid for Oderings in 2017. Bred in England, its delicate maroon-purple edging on the pure white flowers makes for a very attractive and contrasting flower. With limited numbers available, you may want to make your way in store soon to ensure you don’t miss out. Available at all Oderings stores or online:

April Plant of the Month – T-Rex Begonia Ruby Slippers

T-Rex Begonia Ruby Slippers What a great show again this year for the Oderings School Garden Competition. We love having the opportunity to help encourage the gardeners of our future, and what a stella job they did again this year. Say goodbye to a muted space of green houseplants and say hello to colour with T-Rex Begonia Ruby Slippers. The pinkest begonia we have ever seen, with brilliant leaves that grow two handspans in length! Don’t shy away from this feminine, bold leaf; it is spectacular. Available at all Oderings stores or online:

March Plant of the Month – Calibrachoas

I love the non-stop flower power which Calibrachoas have to offer. They start flowering from early Spring, and with a little haircut in early Summer they come away with even more flushes of flowers which will continue until frosts. These callies are perennials, and as long as they don’t get too wet in Winter, they will come alive again each and every year. Added into hanging baskets, pots and containers or in garden borders there is a colour to suit any gardener who loves pops of impact colour. New varieties include the Strawberry Shortcake & Tsunami Firestorm (pictured). Available at all Oderings stores or online: Don’t forget to come along and support the city’s youngest gardeners at the Third Oderings School Gardens Show,  Saturday 11 & Sunday 12 March, 43 Hargood St, Woolston.

February Plant of the Month – Swan Plants

Swan plants are in hot demand this Summer, everyone wants the happiness of watching a caterpillar turning into a beautiful butterfly especially children, there’s something so fascinating about it and not to mention is very educational as well.

December Plant of the Month – Gazania Wild

The reaction when people see the Gazania Wild series is WOW! We all know and love gazanias for a hot and dry area in gardens or pots, but the huge flower size, and bold clarity of colour in this series is a serious show stopper. This easy-to-grow, hybrid treasure is ideal for pots, borders or rockeries and available in colours of orange, red, vanilla or yellow.

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