May is the busy month of the Autumn as Winter approaches there are many tasks in the garden to be completed before the cold weather arrives.

Leaves need to be collected and made into compost. Paths kept clean and treated for moss and lawns repaired and treated for weeds.

The planting of Spring bulbs and lillies should be completed and Winter flowering annuals kept well fed and weed free.

In the vegetable garden the old finished crops must be removed and can be composted. Unused ground should have green crops sown to help improve the soil for next season.

Any badly diseased plants must not be composted to avoid carrying the disease over to next season – or pest onto new crops.

[one_third] Lawns

  1. While grass is still growing mow each week and catch the grass.

  2. Repair any damaged areas by top dressing with instant turf.

  3. Any areas with moss treat and then improve aeration of the soil.

  4. Treat for grass grub before the hard frosts start if you see signs of infestation.


[one_third] Flower Garden

  1. Flower Garden

  2. Cut back by two thirds chrysanthemums and dahlias as they finish flowering.

  3. Give a side dressing of fertiliser to pansies, polyanthus, and primulas.

  4. Give roses a clean up spray before leaf fall to control rust and black spot next season.

  5. Cut back old leaves from hellebores to let flowers have room.

  6. Keep gardens weed-free

  7. Summer perennials may be lifted and divided now.

  8. If the ground is still dry water any new planted trees and shrubs


[one_third_last]Fruit & Vegetable Garden

  1. Sow some broad beans

  2. Keep leeks weed free as they do not like to get overcrowded.

  3. Give leeks a side dressing of fertiliser

  4. Sow onions to be transplanted later

  5. Prepare ground for planting garlic.

  6. Remove diseased and mummified fruit from fruit trees and but in rubbish bins to stop disease carry-over.

  7. Discard old fruiting canes from berry fruits

  8. Later in the month strawberries can be planted.