From Michael Coulter

December is the start of the Summer weather and plants are now well into their rapid growth with many of the Spring-planted crops ready for harvest.

Many of the pest and diseases that attack our plants will also begin to appear so we will need to take action to mitigate the damage that may be caused by these problems.

This time of the year is also holiday time for many of us so plans will need to be in place to ensure that our plants are not neglected while we are away.

December is also an important time for planting and sowing many of the Winter crops that we will need later in the year. From now on I enjoy the harvesting of fresh fruit and berries, the first of the tomatoes and all the salad greens straight from the garden.

For any gardening queries or advice over the holiday period refer to our online facebook group which will be monitored over that time.



  1. Water lawns to keep the grass growing.

  2. Do not cut the grass too low.

  3. Treat for grass grub.

  4. Do not compost the grass clippings if lawn has been treated for weeds.



Fruit & Vegetable Garden

  1. Keep the garden well watered so that plants are not stressed.

  2. Summer prune excess growth on pip fruit trees.

  3. Thin out fruit on pip and stone fruit to give good size and quality fruit at harvest.

  4. Treat where needed for pest and disease.

  5. Pick beans and peas while they are at their best and to encourage more cropping.

  6. Remove lower leaves off tomatoes to allow more light on fruit to help ripen.



Flower Garden

  1. Keep Summer annuals weed free and well watered.

  2. Dead head roses and treat for pest and diseases.

  3. Place supports around perennials, dahlias and chrysanthemums before they get too tall.

  4. Mulch around gardens that have not been done.

  5. Start to sow seeds of Winter flowering annuals.