Monthly Tips & Tasks August 2014

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August is one of the coldest months of the year but it is also the Winter month closest to Spring so our thoughts must now turn to the tasks needed to be completed as Spring approaches. Much of the work is preparation for the sowing of seeds, planting and cleaning up of weeds. As the days lengthen day time temperature can be quite warm which can bring on new growth but be aware that nights will still be cold and there will be plenty of frosts to come.

Monthly Tips & Tasks September 2012

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August – All About Gardening With  Michael  Coulter Michael opened with last night’s brilliant display of  lightning and roaring thunder, followed by ‘golf-ball sized’ hailstones.  ‘’I lost about 100 panes in my glasshouse’’ he said.  Hailstones in some suburbs measured about 3cm in diameter.  Metservice weather forecaster, Allister Gorman, said hailstones larger than 20 millimetres … Read More

Spring Gardening Tasks 2012

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[one_half] SEPTEMBER: The garden springs into life and so should the gardener! The last of your green crops should be dug in now. Broad beans will start to grow rapidly soon so prepare something to support them. Plant out sprouted potatoes, an application of phostrogen will be beneficial. Seeds of silverbeet, peas, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli … Read More

Daffodil growers beware!

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The large Narcissus fly (Lampetia equestris) flies in October and November. This fly is the same size as a blow fly with the same distinctive buzz. The female lays eggs on the top of a bulb and the resulting caterpillar feeds on the inside of the bulb right through summer.  It is known to attack … Read More