From Michael Coulter

This month is a busy time as Spring is now really here and much of what we do will determine how successful our garden will be this season.

The weather will still be changeable so care must be taken when planting the more tender plants. The days are longer so we can see that plant growth is more rapid, including weeds, so attention should be given to weeding.

The warmer days increase the evaporation rate so watering will be needed more often, both in container grown plants and in the open ground. Many of our fruit trees are now in flower so care must be taken when considering spraying to protect the bees, it is wise to wait until all the petals have dropped before spraying.


Vegetable Garden

  1. Begin sowing seeds of the Summer crops.

  2. Prepare ground for planting towards the end of the month for tender plants such as tomatoes, peppers, courgettes etc.

  3. Keep garlic, onions, early carrots, peas and other early sown crops weed free.

  4. Mound up early potatoes and start planting the main crop cultivars.

  5. Strawberries will start flowering soon, keep them watered and watch for slugs.

  6. Asparagus will be in full production. Cut spares when ready and plant new plants.

  7. White butterflies are around so brassicas will need to be treated to stop them being eaten.

  8. Green houses will start to get very hot, plan some shade to keep temperatures down.



Flower Garden

  1. Allow plenty of time for the Spring bulbs to grow after flowering to make next seasons flower buds.

  2. Feed roses and other flowering shrubs as they move into growth.

  3. Remove the Winter and Spring annuals once they have finished to get the ground ready for Summer plants.

  4. Summer flowering bulbs/corms may now be planted.

  5. New perennials are now ready for planting.

  6. Treat for insects and slugs before they do a lot of damage.

  7. Hoe out weeds while they are small as they will die off quicker.

  8. Prune Spring flowering shrubs as soon as they have finished flowering.




  1. This month is when grass growth is most rapid so weekly mowing and catching the clippings is essential.

  2. After the Winter and while the ground is still reasonably moist edges should be re-cut to make them clean and tidy.

  3. Weed control and feeding are best completed this month.

  4. New lawns can be sown now and any repairs needed also completed.

  5. The old thick thatch may be removed by raking or by a de-thatching machine.



Happy gardening, Michael Coulter

For any gardening queries refer through the month you can consult our online facebook group