From Michael Coulter

This month is when Spring really begins to get going! Plants come into leaf, grass starts growing and so do many of the pests that attack our garden. Winter clean up should be completed and gardens prepared for planting and seed sowing.

We’ve not had a lot of rain lately so the soil is in a good condition for digging to get a good tilth for seed sowing and planting.

Many of my fruit trees are in blossom two weeks earlier than usual so I’m hoping for a good fruit set. Late frosts are always a possibility so it will pay not to get too keen to with planting even though temperatures are rising.


Vegetable Garden

  1. Do final copper sprays on fruit trees before trees are in bloom.
  2. Dig over soil and incorporate compost and fertilisers ready for planting and sowing.
  3. Sow tomato, pepper, chilli seeds inside.
  4. Peas, onions, silver beet and beetroot can be sown outside.
  5. Brassicas and lettuce plants may be planted.
  6. Strawberries and other soft fruits may be planted but do keep them well weeded.
  7. Pip and stone trees may be planted and existing trees fertilised.
  8. Weed asparagus, garlic and broad beans.



Flower Garden

  1. Complete rose pruning and prune Winter/Spring flowering shrubs as soon as they finish flowering.
  2. Remove spent flowers on Spring bulbs and fertilise with potash to encourage next season’s flowers.
  3. Cut back perennials old flower stems and leaves and treat for slugs and snails.
  4. Prepare soil for planting Summer annuals
  5. Look for aphids on Spring flowering plants and remove old flowers to encourage more flowers.




  1. Catch grass when mowing at this time.
  2. Apply first fertilisers and incorporate moss treatment if needed (sulphate of iron)
  3. Repair any worn areas with topdressing or instant turf.
  4. De-thatch by raking or using a machine.
  5. Treat for weeds



Happy gardening, Michael Coulter

For any gardening queries refer through the month you can consult our online facebook group