Monthly Tips & Tasks – November

Monthly Tips & Tasks, This Month in the Garden

November for me is the busiest time of the growing season with much to do and plenty to enjoy.

The weather is as expected in the Spring, changeable but showing signs as predicted, trending towards dryer than average, slightly warmer and sunny. This makes the season earlier so the need to mulch around the garden to help retain moisture becomes important.

News from the Fruit & Vege growers

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In October’s meeting Alan Jolliffe shared a new product which helps to prevent Codling Moth on apple trees. ‘Bird Proof’, is a non-toxic, tacky repellent gel which can be used to form a repellent band on the tree-trunk which lasts for several seasons.

Peter Saunders provided the third instalment of A Visual Guide to Gardening through the Year complete with a slide-show. His tomatoes in the tunnel house are now flowering. He uses trickle irrigation to ensure water gets to the roots and not the weeds. This also prevents an overly humid atmosphere which can encourage fungal diseases.

Herb of the Month – Frankincense

Herb of the Month

What is Frankincense? Frankincense is the aromatic resin used in incense and perfume obtained from five trees in the genus Boswellia. The Frankincense or Olibanum trees have a papery bark, sparse branches, paired leaves and white flowers with yellow or red centres. They are native to the arid stony dry lands of the Arabian Peninsula … Read More

Tai Tapu Garden Tour & Fete

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Enjoy a relaxed day in rural Tai Tapu with five beautiful local gardens Sunday 11 November $120 includes: coach travel, morning tea, garden tour ticket, boxed lunch at the Tai Tapu School & CHS Tour Guide Frensham Garden Lovingly developed over the past 24 years, with a serious plant collection including some rare species, this … Read More

Monthly Tips & Tasks – October

Monthly Tips & Tasks, Spring Gardening, This Month in the Garden

June has been a very frustrating month in the garden with little sun and plenty of rain and drizzle. Because of these conditions I have done little in the outside garden but have spent time in the greenhouses doing maintenance and sorting out plants that are past their best.

This weather pattern looks as though it may continue for some time so we will have to wait until we get some good sunny days for that outside work. There is no need to worry as there is still plenty of Winter to come to get those outside tasks completed.

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