From Michael Coulter

November for me is the busiest time of the growing season with much to do and plenty to enjoy.

The weather is as expected in the Spring, changeable but showing signs as predicted, trending towards dryer than average, slightly warmer and sunny. This makes the season earlier so the need to mulch around the garden to help retain moisture becomes important.

The possibility of water restrictions by the council in Christchurch city means that we must be responsible with our water use and only use what is needed and eliminate waste.

The art of watering is to direct it to where it is needed, water to maintain soil moisture and avoid run off from the area onto paths etc.


Fruit & Vegetable Garden

  1. Plant out all warm-loving plants, tomatoes, peppers, chillies, cucumbers

  2. Sow beans, parsnips, carrots and leafy crops.

  3. Keep weeds under control as this stops competition for water and fertiliser.

  4. Treat fruit trees for pest and disease and on bramble berry crops spray for caterpillars, after they have finished flowering but before fruit begin to ripen.

  5. Fertilise citrus and mulch around the drip line.

  6. Potatoes should be mounded up and main crops planted.

  7. On tomatoes and potatoes look out for the psyllid check under the leaves as this is where they are likely to be.



Flower Garden

  1. Plant out Summer annuals.

  2. Plant out Summer bulbs and tubers eg. dahlias, gladiola, begonias etc.

  3. Perennials may be planted and should have supports in place before they get too big.

  4. Roses are in full bloom now so dead heads should be removed, plants treated for pests such as aphids and mildew.

  5. Mulch around all of the garden as much as possible to suppress weeds and conserve moisture.

  6. Prune Spring flowering shrubs as soon as they finish flowering.


Happy gardening, Michael Coulter

For any gardening queries refer through the month you can consult our online facebook group