From Michael Coulter

We are now in Summer with plenty of hot weather and the usual periods of wind and little rain, all of which puts stress on plants and gives us the problem of keeping them growing and healthy.

Most of the berry fruits are finishing and the stone fruits are reaching their main production now, then to follow is the pip fruit.

The fruit crops that we are harvesting now are the results of the cultivation that we gave them over the last Winter and Spring so if the results are not up to expectations then review what was done to identify what needs to be done to improve the next crop.

Although winter is still a long way off we do need to be prepared. Spring bulbs will soon be in the garden centres but it is still too soon to plant most of them so choose the best quality bulbs and keep them until the time is right in the Autumn.

Most of the tasks around the garden at this time of the year is what I call maintenance gardening; weeding, watering, pest and disease control and of course, harvesting.


Fruit & Vegetable Garden

  1. Water regularly to keep plants growing without stress.

  2. Harvest beans, peas, tomatoes etc. when they are at their best condition.

  3. Check tomatoes, potatoes and peppers for any signs of the psyllid and treat if needed.

  4. Leeks should now be planted. Keep well fed and watered to keep them growing without any stress.

  5. Berry fruit may have the old fruiting stems removed so that the new growth that will give next seasons crop can grow better.

  6. Strawberries will still be fruiting, give regular liquid feeds to keep them growing.

  7. Plant Winter brassicas now but watch for the white butterfly.

  8. Carrots may still be sown to give Winter supply.




  1. Cut weekly but not too low.

  2. Water regularly; give a good soaking rather than a sprinkle on top (about once a week).

  3. Grass will respond to a feed now.

  4. Look for signs of any fungus infection, treat if needed or reduce watering to stop the spread.



Flower Garden

  1. Keep dead heading roses, dahlias, perennials and annuals to encourage more flowers.

  2. Stake up taller plants before they get too tall and full over.

  3. Thrips are around so treat susceptible plants now to prevent leaf damage later.

  4. Container growing plants will benefit from weekly liquid feeds to compensate for the extra watering leaching out nutrients.

  5. Weed regularly as weeds grow quick to reduce competition.

  6. Water as needed but before the plants show signs of stress.


Happy gardening, Michael Coulter

For any gardening queries refer through the month you can consult our online facebook group