from Canterbury Herb Society


Basil is good for tomato fly

Borage is good for tomatoes & attracts bees.

Calendula tomatoes and attracts bees 

Camomile cabbage and onions

Caraway peas

Chervil  radishes

Dill  cabbage

Fennel  green aphid

Garlic silver blight, aphid, codlin moth

Horseradish potatoes

Hyssop cabbage-butterfy, grapes



Marjoram tomatoes, cucumbers

Nasturtim woolly aphid

Parsley roses, tomatoes, honey bees

Pennyroyal ants, plant lice

Peppermint cabbage butterfly, ants

Rosemary, Sage & Southernwood cabbage butterfly, ants,carrot fly

Stinging nettles black fly, aphid, plant lice, mildew

Tansy ants, fllies, moths

Tagetes nematode, whitefly


  • Try chives and/or garlic and banana skin mulch around roses.
  • Put a ring of garlic around fruit tree trunks and foxgloves as a growth stimulant.
  • Use garlic and nasturtiums as soil disinfectants.

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