From Michael Coulter

September, the start of the very busy time in the Spring garden. As I write this it is raining, I hope that we get a good amount as we really need some to give the soil a moisture boost to start the season off.

I have noticed that some of the Spring flowering plants and bulbs are a little late, which may be due to the dry Winter and the cold ground.

We can now think about starting off some of our early seedlings indoors and of course getting the ground ready for planting and seed sowing outside later in the month.

As the days get warmer then some of the pests will start to appear in the garden, especially slugs and snails which can cause a lot of damage to young plants and plants making new growth, so be aware.

The grass is starting to grow so now is also the time to do some repair work on those hard wearing parts of the lawn.

I like this time of the year as each day reveals something new to look at. So go out and enjoy the blossom, Spring bulbs and the new life opening up, it really is one of the great rewards of being in the garden.

Good gardening! See you all at All About Gardening to answer any questions.



  1. Rake to reduce the thatch.

  2. Top dress with soil and seed on thin grass areas.

  3. Fertilise the lawn and water in.

  4. Cut the grass each week and catch the clippings during  rapid growth



Fruit & Vegetable Garden

  1. Plant new fruit trees and citrus before they move into growth.

  2. Fertilise citrus trees and other fruit trees around the drip line.

  3. Complete any pruning and treat trees for pest and disease control.

  4. Sow tomato and other tender plants in a green house to be ready for planting out in 6 to 8 weeks time.

  5. Plant the first early potatoes.

  6. Hardy vegetables can be sown outside (onions, peas, radish, brassicas etc…)

  7. Stake up broad beans and keep weeds away from garlic.



Flower Garden

  1. Keep water up on daffodils.

  2. Prune flowering trees and shrubs as they finish flowering.

  3. Complete pruning of roses.

  4. Re-pot any plants that have been in the same pot for 2 to 3 years.

  5. Treat hostas for slugs and snails before they start to come into leaf.

  6. Give roses fertiliser.

  7. Dead head spring flowering annuals to prolong flowering.

  8. Gladiola bulbs may be planted from now on.