As I write this we are still experiencing changeable Spring weather, but in spite of this there has been plenty of good plant growth.

Although we have had some rain it has been intermittent and the warmer temperatures have meant that some watering is still required.

The planting of Summer vegetables and bedding plants should be completed by Christmas to give the plants time to grow to maturity.

As growth will be rapid for many plants, staking and supports should be in place before they get too tall.

The fruit trees will all have set fruit and will need to be thinned out to improve the quality of the fruit, some of the stone fruit will be ripening soon and any treatments for brown rot will need to be completed.

The berry fruits are all ripening and may need to be harvested daily – watch out for birds as they can strip the fruit before you can!

Roses should be dead-headed to help encourage more blooms and as the Spring bulbs have their leaves dry off they can be lifted or the leaves removed.

The lawns will need to be watered and mowed each week. Be sure not to cut them too low to help keep them green.

At this time there are pests (thrips and mites) that cause much damage to the leaves of plants causing them to have a silvery appearance. To prevent this treat plants with conquer oil, especially on the undersides.

Take time to observe your plants daily, watching for pests, diseases or signs of stress; act straight away as prevention is easier then a cure.

If you are going away make sure that somebody can look after the garden and lawns as an overgrown dry garden is a sure sign you are not at home – and an invitation to burglars.

Have a Happy Christmas,
Michael Coulter

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