When & Where

Held twice a month starting with the first Monday evening of the month
7pm-9pm followed by the Tuesday morning
9.45am - 11.45am

Christchurch Botanic Gardens

Members: $5.00
non-members: $10.00
Tea, coffee and biscuits included

AAG 2020


Monday 5 | Tuesday 6

Monday 2 | Tuesday 3

Monday 7 | Tuesday 8

Don't forget you can find a copy of Michael Coulter's Monthly Tips & Tasks here

Join us at The Kiosk for a friendly meeting of like-minded gardeners and horticultural enthusiasts. 

Every month the Canterbury Horticultural Society Events Committee secures an interesting speaker for the morning and evening meetings. This is followed by ‘Gardening Half Hour’, an informative session hosted by Michael Coulter.

All About Gardening October

Monday 5th at 7pm & Tuesday 6th at 9.45am

Cornelia Holten - KoruKai Herb Farm
KoruKai produce a range of natural herbal products for general health and healing. They grow over 80 medicinal herbs and harvest and process 40 of them to be used for their products. www.korukai.co.nz

All About Gardening November

Monday 2nd at 7pm & Tuesday 3rd at 9.45am

Colin Meurk and Rachel Teen – Water Issues and Water Friendly Gardens.

Colin is the Honorary Botanist for the Canterbury Horticultural Society, Crown Research associate and consultant ecologist. His mission is application of biogeography, ecological restoration and design, landscape dynamics, subantarctic/alpine ecology, and citizen science (https://inaturalist.nz/) to nature conservation across cultural landscapes; he has received various awards for his participatory and science-based conceptualisation, planning and design for biodiversity.

Rachel Teen is a recent graduate of Lincoln University with a Masters in Water Resource Management. She has returned to University of Canterbury (where she studied Education and English as an undergraduate) to work toward a PhD in Water Resource Management. Rachel is investigating the concept of water sensitive cities and what the optimal factors and contexts are for urban decision-makers to make the transition away from unsustainable and technocratic hydro-social arrangements. Interested in human/water interactions, she is carrying out an Australasian cross-case comparison between Townsville, Auckland and Christchurch. This will involve contextual archival research, conducting a series of interviews with past and present water management strategists, examining policy and regulation frameworks, and applying a Strategy as Practice lens to the data. Rachel has held board positions in the tourism and health sectors, and now assists the core group as secretary at New Zealand Association of Impact Assessment; she intermittently continues her project management work toward biodiversity restoration around Te Waihora/Lake Ellesmere. Rachel's supervisors are Dr Ed Challies and Dr. Lin Roberts.

The Kiosk, Christchurch Botanic Gardens (just over the footbridge from Armagh St car park).

$5 members $10 non-members.
Includes tea, coffee & biscuits