When & Where

Held twice a month starting with the first Monday evening of the month
7pm-9pm followed by the Tuesday morning
9.30am - 11.30am

Christchurch Botanic Gardens

Members: $5.00
non-members: $10.00
Tea, coffee and biscuits included

AAG 2021

Monday 7 | Tuesday 8

Monday 5 | Tuesday 6

Monday 2 | Tuesday 3

Monday 7 | Tuesday 7

Monday 4 | Tuesday 5

Monday 1 | Tuesday 2

Monday 6 | Tuesday 7

Don't forget you can find a copy of Michael Coulter's Monthly Tips & Tasks here

Join us at The Kiosk for a friendly meeting of like-minded gardeners and horticultural enthusiasts. 

Every month the Canterbury Horticultural Society Events Committee secures an interesting speaker for the morning and evening meetings. This is followed by ‘Gardening Half Hour’, an informative session hosted by Michael Coulter.


Monday 6th 7pm & Tuesday 7th 9.30am

160th Anniversary Celebrations

This month's All About Gardening kicks off a year long celebration of the 160th year of the Canterbury Horticultural Society. We will be delving into the history of the club and it’s evolution through the years with stunning images and entertaining stories. Free to all members and with a special supper and morning tea.


Monday 4th 7pm & Tuesday 5th 9.30am

Brad Lake of Tāpapa Store and the Brothers Green will be sharing his passion for all things hemp. His businesses produce and sell high quality nutritious local food products in an environmentally regenerative way.

Brad is co-founder and managing director of 5 NZ based hemp companies including The Brothers Green and Mainland Hemp, a Hurunui based hemp processing company.

All the business's are founded on developing a sustainable business platform for social change in Agriculture and Nutrition. Brad with his co founders and hemp whanau has spent the past 4 years developing a range of retail brands using NZ hemp as their foundation. These business's have been focused on educating the NZ and International markets around the benefits of NZ hemp and delivering a range of high quality, value added hemp based products. These business platforms have allowed for the establishment of a hemp processing facility in Culverden, North Canterbury as well as ensuring that local farmers had their first taste of growing hemp in varying conditions.


Monday 4th 7pm & Tuesday 5th 9.30am

Elizabeth Jenkins - A Tale of Two Welbecks.
An illustrated talk on Elizabeth’s two favourite homes. One in England where she grew up and the other that she created in Okuti Valley.

The Kiosk, Christchurch Botanic Gardens (just over the footbridge from Armagh St car park).

$5 members $10 non-members.
Includes tea, coffee & biscuits