From Michael Coulter

June brings the end of the growing season with the shortest day about the 20th of the month. We know also that the coldest time of the year will be with us for the next two months.

So there is not a lot of gardening to be done other than pruning and cleaning up plus maintenance of the hard landscape areas.

We all find that in our seed storage there will be plenty of used seeds that have passed their use by date or have lost labels. Now is the time to go through the seeds and get rid of any unwanted ones, and make a list of those we will be needing in the Spring.

New seed catalouges will soon be available, ready for ordering our seasons requirements and or course any new types that may be worth a try.

The weather usually washes off any shading on the greenhouse, if not then a good wash down to remove it will allow more light into the area to encourage better growth.

Garlic may be planted and potato seed of the very early cultivars may be chitted ready for planting in a sheltered area later on.

Once the shortest day has passed I start thinking that the start of the new growing season has begun so preparation begins! Washing pots, repairing benches, disinfecting trays and the inside of greenhouses and disposing of any old or diseased plants.

If the soil is not too wet then the ground can be dug over to allow the soil to be exposed to frost. This can help to break up the soil and expose any slugs or other pests that may be in the ground helping to control them.

Happy gardening, Michael Coulter

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