This year at Ellerslie has been our best effort yet, with Gold for the display and a gold lighting award for Grandad’s Shed.

A huge thank you and congratulations from all of us to Annette Hill, Ray King and husbands Richard and Peter, and to Michael and Susan Coulter who were responsible for such a wonderful result. We must not forget a thank you to John Taylor for bequeathing his collection of old tools to the Society, and to Morag his widow who cut the ribbon to declare the Shed officially open.

Congratulations also to our Begonia Circle who won gold for their stunning display and silver for lighting. Very well done for a first-time designer.

Our thanks and congratulations go to Kate Spackman and her team for the work they put in to the very successful Kidzone. If there are more Kidzones in the future, we will work to have them more centrally placed for better visibility.

Well done too to our Tour leaders for the very high quality of their Ellerslie Tours. Everyone I have spoken to had a great time and would like to try different tours in the future.

Finally our thanks to Athol McCully for the time he gave as M.C. in the Speakers Tent and to all our members who volunteered in so many ways.

With Ellerslie now over, we are back to the debate as to whether it will happen again in Christchurch. We look forward to the Council’s final decision.

Stay safe and good gardening,