Sharing the enjoyment and knowledge of gardening with others is a major aim of the Society. This message was reinforced recently by Vice President Alan Jolliffe in his comments to the Edible Garden Awards functions for Lyttleton-Mt Herbert and Shirley-Papanui recipients. A common denominator in that enjoyment is appreciating the sheer beauty that Mother Nature confers on flowers, plants and trees. Who can view the delicacy, softness, intensity of colour and structure of a rose for example and not feel deeply moved and filled with joy? 

My cousin Ola who lives in Torun, Poland sends me slideshows from time to time of wonderful natural and manmade scenery from around the world. Two in particular comprise pictures of flowers and plants of stunning beauty. In one show all images are composed from the nude human form and in the other the flora closely resemble insect, animal and bird life. Please enjoy here.

Tony Kunowski, CHS Manager