View from the Deck – Public Parks & Spaces

View from the Deck

Alan Jolliffe shares his views on public spaces There seems to be a view that public gardens, squares and spaces are only valuable if they can provide an economic benefit. The continuing emphasis on the planning and development of event spaces, market spaces and the like needs to be balanced against the aesthetic nature of … Read More

View from the Deck – Managing our own parks

View from the Deck

The Council is suggesting that communities manage and maintain their own parks and reserves. The model being identified is that of a community garden. However each community is different and will want different things from their local park.  I guess within each community there will be a variety of views. One model is not going … Read More

View from the Deck – December 2014

View from the Deck

Late spring and lunch on the deck is just great. Gardens are colourful, birds are singing and the holiday seasons is almost upon us. Looking back it has been a good year but it seems they get shorter each year! Time to think about next year and what we can do to make Christchurch a … Read More

View from the Deck – August 2014

View from the Deck

I know the Christchurch City Council is struggling to get things right now there is some more action in the CBD BUT (there is always a but) I see little in the way of vision, futures thinking and the alignment of projects, road design, open spaces, activities and other development that will create a City … Read More

View from the Deck – Garden shows & the Garden City

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A garden show is essential for Christchurch the Garden City. Recent decisions by the Christchurch City Council are very encouraging for the development of our own show. More importantly is the idea that garden and horticultural people will be consulted in Christchurch. However that does not mean we should be waiting around to be consulted. … Read More

View from the Deck – June 2014

View from the Deck

View from the Deck Alan Jolliffe Over the weekend we were able to have lunch on the deck and I reflected on the talk given by Prof  Dave Kelly at the CHS last week. In a nutshell he told us that birds are really important in spreading native plant seeds and shifting pollen from one … Read More

View from the Deck – Edible Garden Awards

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Recently I was able to be part of the Edible Gardens Awards in two City Community Boards – Lyttleton-Mt Herbert and Shirley-Papanui. Great evenings and wonderful to meet these people who put so much into their plots of land. BUT like all evenings it got me thinking. We live in changing times.