The Council is suggesting that communities manage and maintain their own parks and reserves.

The model being identified is that of a community garden. However each community is different and will want different things from their local park.  I guess within each community there will be a variety of views.

One model is not going to suit over 1000 parks in Christchurch.

This opportunity for communities to have even more say in local parks is good.

There are however some reservations. The small parks are part of a network of parks throughout the city. They provide

  • Spaces where larger trees can be grown as sections become smaller and smaller.
  • Habitats or resting places for birds and other native animals
  • Different recreational experiences in each park
  • Green infrastructure in a more tightly and densely populated urbanised city.
  • Play opportunities which are about child learning, development and risk management

I note from a recent radio programme that NZ has only 8% of its urban area in green space compared to many European cities which can have up to 40% green space.

In this proposal of the Councils there are opportunities for communities to develop great and unique horticultural parks that provide opportunities for recreation, play, food production, social spaces, wildlife habitats, conservation, ornamental gardening and the like.

 Alan Jolliffe