Alan Jolliffe shares his views on public spaces

There seems to be a view that public gardens, squares and spaces are only valuable if they can provide an economic benefit. The continuing emphasis on the planning and development of event spaces, market spaces and the like needs to be balanced against the aesthetic nature of spaces as “works of art” to be admired and experienced.

Overall, society spends millions of dollars managing, purchasing, maintaining, conserving and installing “works of art” in art galleries and public spaces. BUT when it comes to the well designed and managed outdoor spaces these must be used in some way  for economic benefit.

We are told that works of art are part of our cultural heritage but so are our parks and squares and they should be given the same reverence as those “works of art”.

We would not tolerate destruction of our  works of art so why should we destroy our  heritage parks and gardens.

I say remove the smelly cheap markets and tacky opening and other events from our squares, parks and open spaces.

Of course this view is in response to the Victoria Square debacle but equally it applies to Cathedral Square, Botanic Gardens, Hagley Park and other spaces.

Lets appreciate and experience these  spaces as their own stand alone “works of art”.