Our Spring Tour programme has finished for the season with much knowledge and fellowship shared. A very big thank you to the garden owners Adrianne & Cam Moore, Ruth & David Benson, Phil & Linda Ducker, Jean Osborne and sons Justin & Pete, Terry & Lynette Windle and Catherine Parkes and her little team at the Wairakei School.

Without their support and all the participants it would not be possible to enjoy this programme. Thank you.


Just one of the gardens included on the recent CHS Hurunui Garden Tour & reviewed by Freda Hunter

Michael & Doreen Dryden’s home and garden looked absolutely stunning on our recent tour. Attractive sweeping borders and a superb mix of trees, shrubs, topiary and perennials all chosen for their hardiness made a real statement. The climate in the Hurunui can be extreme so having shelter established was also essential for this large garden. The landscaping worked well with a good feeling of space between the borders. To note was the creative use of plants and the large groupings, e.g. native poa cita (snow grass) and rocks, hedging for structure and shelter e.g. buxus sempervivens, lonicera nita, choisya ternata and aztec. The colour combinations of burgundy (berberis helmond pillar), gray (artemesia) and lime added real “pop”.

The nursery provided us with the opportunity to purchase plants, some of which are not readily available, e.g. linum perenne. To complete the picture of this delightful house and garden was a spacious deck with complimentary planting – a wonderful spot for entertaining and relaxation.

Images above:Phil & Linda Ducker’s, Loch Leven, Monte Alto in bloom, Geraldine, fellowship time at Terry & Lynette Windles and Wairakei School pupils.