As I write this it is Labour weekend, the time that we gardeners start to plant the warmer loving plants in our vegetable and flower gardens. The weather will still be changeable so we need to watch out for any late frosts on our more tender plants. We have had little rain and the ground is getting dry so we will need to get the hoses out too. Remember it is better to water in the early morning so that the ground will warm up during the day and the plants are dry at night so that fungus diseases are not encouraged.

A good tip at this time is not to plant all the vegetable plants at the same time so that you will a more continuous supply over a longer period.

Flower Garden

  1. Summer flowers can be planted now. Planting in the evening and watering in gently helps to settle the plants in before the heat of the   
  2. day puts too much stress on the transplanted plants.
  3. Allow plenty of time for the Spring bulbs to grow and build up reserves for next seasons flowering (do not cut off the leaves too soon just to be tidy).
  4. Taller growing plants may need to be staked later but it is better to put in the stakes before the plants get too tall.


  1. Keep the grass growing by regular watering and not allowing the lawn to get dry.
  2. Catch the grass especially if it is long.
  3. Use clippings to mulch around shrubs but not too thickly (do not use clippings from lawns that have been sprayed for weeds as a mulch or in composts).
  4. Mow at lest every week during rapid grass growth.
  5. Treat for weeds when the grass and weeds are growing fast and are not under stress.
  6. Feed lawns now.

Fruit & Veggie Garden

  1. Tomato, courgettes, peppers, cucumbers and other summer plants can start to be planted now outside.
  2. Sow sweet corn in the ground and to get early crops transplant seedlings at the same time. This will give a good succession of picking.
  3. Every three to four weeks plant a few plants of lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, radish and other salad crops for a continuos supply over Summer.
  4. Keep the water up on the veggie garden to help the plants to keep growing and to ensure the best quality of the produce.
  5. Only sow enough seed to give a good variety of vegetables over the Summer and avoid having a great glut of one at the expense of others.(I now plant shorter rows of plants and often only half rows now that we only have two to feed).
  6. Keep the hoe active so that weeds are well controlled (best done in the morning to let the hot sun kill the weeds).
  7. Do preventative sprays on the fruit trees so that pests and diseases are controlled before they can damage the crop.
  8. Strawberries and other soft fruits will start to come into season from now on so keep up the water and liquid feeds to get the best results.
  9. Mould up potatoes and look out for the potato psyllid on the underside of the leaves and spray for them especially on main crop potatoes.