Fruit & Vegetable Garden

  • Time to plant winter veggies like cabbages, cauliflowers and broccoli. Any ground that is going to be vacant you can think about putting a green crop in – lupins, barley and mustard all help to improve the soil structure.
  • Keep picking tomatoes and removing lower leaves to encourage fruit to ripen.
  • Fruit Trees – after harvesting apples and pears give them a wee clean up spray before leaves start to fall. This will help to get rid of aphids and spider mite. Most fruit tree sprays available from garden centres are a good mixture and pretty safe.


  • When grass starts to grow and get nice and green give a wee feed with of lawn fertiliser – it’s also a good time to spray for broad leaf weeds.

Flower Garden

  • Keep the water up on plants – the usual story of one good deep watering once a week, especially on trees and shrubs like rhododendrons and camellias which are staring to form their buds for flowering.
  • It’s also time to do a general tidy up in the flower garden, annuals and perennials can have a light trim back to encourage the continuation of flowering through to the end of summer.
  • Think about preparing any vacant ground for planting things like polyanthus, primulas, pansies and violas. Spring bulbs are starting to come into garden centres and can be planted in pots or in the ground.
  • Think about some of the perennials too – early summer flowering perennials can be lifted and divided. Keep dead-heading roses and dahlias.