Flower Garden

  • Now is the time to get the last of the Spring bulbs planted especially tulips and lilies.
  • As the ground allows plantings of polyanthus, pansy, violas and other Spring flowers can continue.
  • New stock of roses are arriving in the nurseries so get in early to get the best choice of plants. Prepare the ground before you buy the plants so that you can plant straight away.
  • Clean up and cut back any perennials as they finish flowering including chrysanthemums. Only cut back to one third of the height of the plants.
  • Lift and store dahlias, tuberous begonias and gladiolas. Keep only those that are firm and healthy looking.
  • Give roses a good clean up spray before the leaves fall to help stop any disease carry over to next season.

Fruit & Vegetable Garden

  • With wet ground be careful not to try to walk on or work the soil as this can do some damage by compacting it and destroying the organic matter and structure.
  • If conditions allow prepare ground for planting shallots and garlic.
  • Sow broad beans if too wet these can be sown in small pots and transplanted later.
  • Spray fruit trees with their first Winter oils and copper before the start of pruning next month.
  • Any unused ground can have lime applied if it has not had any for 3-4 years.
  • Any weedy area too wet to dig that is wanted for Spring planting can be sprayed with round up to kill the weeds which should leave it clean in time for Spring.
  • As glasshouse crops finish clean out the old plants and if possible get it really empty then disinfect everything – walls, roof, paths and ground. This will help get rid of any pest and disease carry over to next season

Lawns & Paths

  • The ground is wet and as a result we have not yet had enough frosts to stop the grass from growing. Do not be tempted to cut the grass too low as this will expose it to the frosts when they come making it yellow and stop growing which can also make it become very muddy.
  • If possible only mow the grass when it is dry and catch the clippings.
  • You can still treat for moss on paths and in the lawn but do it on a fine sunny day.
  • Any bare hard wearing areas of lawn can be repaired with instant turf now as with the cooler days they do not dry out so quick and seem to take better.