We are having a very wet Winter so far so this will restrict much of what we can do in the garden during this month. It will be better to wait for improved weather so that we will not do any harm in and around the garden. Most of the work needed to be done at this time of the year involves pruning and maintenance around the property.


  • Before you start pruning make sure you have good tools which are sharp and clean.
  • Spray the plants to be pruned first to help stop the carry over of any pest or disease that may over Winter in any bits and pieces left on the ground.
  • Only prune on fine days as wet conditions can help spread disease in new cuts.
  • Only prune those plants that need it at this time of the year i.e. do not prune stone fruit in Winter as this helps silver leaf infection.
  • Start pruning by cutting out those parts which may be in the way of paths or are diseased.
  • Thin out any weak growth then prune to encourage fruit or flower production and shape.
  • It is a good idea to clean tools between each plant as this will help stop any disease spread.

Other work

  • Do a clean up of weeds in those hard to get to areas when plants are in leaf, around fences, in shrub borders, along paths and around foundations.
  • Check over the lawn mower and get it serviced and sharpened.
  • Remove any plants that are not at their best and prepare ground for planting replacement plants.
  • Plant garlic and shallots and if the ground is too wet plant in pots to transplant later in the Spring.
  • Check over the greenhouse; clean the inside and repair any broken parts ready for the Spring.
  • Sort out the seed packets and throw out any that are passed their date then get new seeds so that you are ready for the Spring sowing time and you know that you have all the seeds you will need.
  • Now is a good time to give the spray equipment a clean out using ammonia to remove any residue. Check the seals and washers and that you have labelled one for weed killers and one for pest and disease control.