From Michael Coulter

August is a month that we notice the days are getting longer and the weather is very changeable but we still turn our thoughts to the coming Spring.

Green house owners can start sowing seeds to have plants ready to plant out next month.

Pruning fruit trees, roses and other deciduous trees and shrubs are the main tasks to be done this month. Stone fruit trees should be now treated with copper sprays 2 to 3 times before flowering to control leaf curl and brown rot.

Primulas and polyanthus will benefit from a dressing of blood and bone to help improve the flowers. Other annuals should be kept weed free and old flowers removed.

Spring flowering bulbs are shooting through the ground so when weeding be careful not to damage them.

Potatoes may be planted later in the month in warmer areas or under cover.

Some perennials may be split up or cuttings taken to renew the plants in the garden. Soon begonias and dahlias will begin to become active. If they are inside a green house when they are long enough new cuttings can be taken.

Lawns still look untidy but they will start to grow once the weather gets warmer later in the month. The first cut should not be too low. There is a lot to look forward to in the Spring but dependent on the weather it is better to be patient and wait until the weather is more settled to really begin the Spring work.

Happy gardening, Michael Coulter

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