This month the growing season is well underway. Daylight saving has started and the Spring weather is so far, warmer than usual and the monthly rainfall, below average.

This year the fruit set on my stone fruit looks very good, I'll be maintaining my spray programme to keep pests and diseases under control. The apple trees are about to flower so it will soon be time to think about codling moth and grass grub beetle control  (last year I had a lot of damage to the trees by the beetles).

This is traditionally the time that many of our vegetable crops are planted. I like to plan the sowing of seeds etc.. so that all the produce does not come at once, ensuring a constant supply all season.

In the green house I have my tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and chillies all grown in planter bags well under way. During this early stage of their growth I will be very watchful for any signs of the white fly and keep up preventative sprays to avoid any damage once the fruit starts to ripen.

Lawns will respond to good maintenance so keep them weed free and growing well by fertilising and watering.

Most of the Spring bulbs will have finished flowering. It's very important to keep them well watered and growing before they die down; this will ensure flowers for next year.

Summer flowering annuals and perennials can now be planted and will benefit from some general purpose fertiliser applied as they are planted. Spring flowering trees and shrubs should be pruned as soon as they have finished flowering to encourage the new growth that will flower next year.

The forecasted weather for Summer is for dry, warm westerly winds and below average rain. This means mulches will be needed for the garden, along with good careful watering to keep the garden growing.

A regular hoe for weeds around the garden when the weeds are small will take little time and is much quicker than weeding when the weeds have grown too big!

Enjoy the Spring, Michael Coulter

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