Fungi of Aotearoa New Zealand: A Curious Forager’s Field Guide
Liv Sisson

ISBN: 9781761047879 | $45.00

Fungi of Aotearoa New Zealand: A Curious Forager’s Field Guide


Written by local writer, forager, and food-lover Liv Sisson, Fungi of Aotearoa is an accessible and engaging book about the wonders and mysteries of fungi. Early on in the book, she outlines just how much there is still to learn about fungi, both globally and here in Aotearoa, meaning that backyard enthusiasts can sometimes stumble across a new, unknown kind of fungi – you don’t have to have expert knowledge to discover something magnificent!

Along with detailed descriptions, facts, and stories of over 130 species of fungi in Aotearoa New Zealand, Sisson writes passionately about fungi and their crucial, specific, and sometimes unexpected role in nature and our lives. Sisson’s writing is warm and chatty and she clearly has a wealth of knowledge. There are also sections in the book dedicated to practical advice for people wanting to get out into nature and explore, honed from Sisson’s experiences running foraging tours in the Red Zone.

Fungi of Aotearoa – A Curious Foragers Guide comes out in early May, and is available for pre-order now. Whether you’re looking for a deep dive into the science behind fungi, or looking to know the more practical ins and outs – what to eat, what not to eat – of fungi foraging, this book has you covered and will delight and surprise you along the way. The Scorpio team were lucky enough to get our hands on an advance copy of this glorious, full-colour, meticulously detailed book and we can attest that it’s a must-have!

Many thanks to Scorpio Books for this review.