Congratulations Gardeners

The 2023 Edible and Sustainable Garden Awards attracted a wonderfully diverse array of gardens and gardeners ranging from Residential to Schools and Business. Our assessors did a fabulous job visiting over 50 gardens and really enjoyed meeting the gardeners. Congratulations to the Special Award Winners and a big thank-you to all our assessors who give up their time to visit every garden entered.

Edible and Sustainable Garden Awards 2023

Waimero Fendalton-Waimari-Harewood Special Awards

Alan Bryce - Beginner Gardener
Orana Wildlife Park - Beginner Gardener
Donna Butler - Fruit and Berries
Judith Smith - Organic Garden, Yield
Jerry Dai - Tomatoes

Waihoro - Spreydon-Cashmere-Heathcote Special Awards

Whanau Whanake - Beginner Garden
Sue Lazar & Malcolm Thornton - Beginner Garden
Marnie Kent - Best Sustainability Features
Phil Clarke  - Best Sustainability Features
Averill Waldron - Fruit and Berries
Dave Bryce - Organic Garden
Duncan Gibson - Organic Garden and Best Sustainability Features
Trevor Duncan - Tomatoes
Peter Paynter - Tomatoes
Cashmere High School - Tomatoes, Yield
Park Lane Retirement Village - Tomatoes, Yield and Fruit and Berries
Eileen and Garry Kerr - Yield
Mission Sisters - Yield

Waitai Coastal-Burwood-Linwood Special Awards

Avondale Community Garden - Beginner Garden
Zane Crofts - Organic Garden
John Norton - Tomatoes and Best Sustainability Features
Smith Street Urban Farm - Yield
Penny Reid - Yield and Fruit and Berries

Waipapa Papanui-Innes-Central Special Awards

Kadavu Community Garden - Beginner Gardener
Hagley Community Pre School - Beginner Gardener, Yield
Gerard Murnane - Best Sustainability Features
Phillipstown Community Centre Charitable Trust - Best Sustainability Features
Jason Elley - Fruit and Berries
MacFarlane Park Community Garden (Children's Gardening Club) - Fruit and Berries
Jacob Stanley - Organic Garden
Mairehau Neighbourhood Garden - Organic Garden
Bernie Lynskey - Tomatoes
Marralomeda Charitable Trust - Tomatoes
Sandra Tucker - Tomatoes and Fruit and Berries
David Gardner - Yield
St Albans Uniting Parish Community Garden - Yield