A Quiz to get you in the Christmas Spirit!

  1. Of all the trees in the wood which one bears the crown?
  2. Which tree gives frankincense?
  3. What is known as the New Zealand Christmas tree?
  4. Which is the traditional Christmas tree?
  5. Which tree gives myrrh?
  6. Under what did Mummy kiss Santa Claus?
  7. On which plant material did Baby Jesus sleep?
  8. A name given to a whole tree used to heat the house?
  9. The Christmas lily?
  10. What plant material is used in a Christmas wreath?


  1. Holly
  2. The gum of Boswellia
  3. Pohutukawa
  4. Spruce or fir
  5. It is from the resin of Commiphora myrrha
  6. Mistletoe
  7. Hay
  8. Yule log
  9. Lilium regale
  10. Ivy