Press Release
Oderings School Garden Show 2015

Bee friendly! As the media bombards us with doom and gloom from the world of agriculture, the pupils of Cathedral Grammar have opted for a message of hope for their Oderings Schools’ Garden Show plot.

‘One-third of the world’s food is pollenated by bees,’ says Head Girl, Eleanor McVicar, ‘so bees and bee-friendly habitats really matter. And, since bees like wild flower gardens, you won’t find a lot of structure in ours!’

The Grammar Garden has been a whole-school collaboration and opportunity to learn. The Pre-School planted marigold seeds. ‘And then waited impatiently for the seeds to germinate and to see what happened next,’ laughs Year 8 Charlotte Johns.

The Art Department and Junior School have designed the mural and bee sculptures. Years 7 and 8 hotly debated themes and designs, and pupils throughout the Year 4-8 Prep Schools grew bee-friendly plants.

Most plants were grown from seeds, seedlings and cuttings – with varying degrees of successes. ‘We had some false starts,’ admits Albert Bell, Head Boy, ‘and there were some lessons learned over the summer about the importance of watering on time! We’ve been busy nurturing some late substitutes.’

But now there’s a healthy garden flourishing – and bees certainly seem to approve!

20 February 2015


Penny Tattershaw
Deputy Head, Co-curricular & Communications

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