Monthly Tips & Tasks – September

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September is the month in which Spring growth really gets going. The Spring bulbs are in full bloom and deciduous plants come into life.

The weather is still very changeable and there is always the danger of frosts that can damage new growth; this makes for a very busy time in the garden.

Ground preparation for sowing seeds and transplanting seedlings should be completed, old Winter crops removed to make way for Summer plantings and the last of Winter pruning completed.

Herb of the Month – Chickweed

Herb of the Month

A real nuisance once it gets into your garden, this plant does have its uses! Originally native to Europe and Asia it now grows wild throughout much of the world preferring cultivated moist soils but is not fussy, becoming variable in size and habit. Buried seeds are known to retain their viability for at least 25 years and the plant can even flower and ripen seeds under snow! Don’t let it flower or you will have it forever!

Winter Speaker Series 2019

Winter Speaker Series

OUR LIVING LANDSCAPE Developments in viticulture from Akaroa beginnings to Waipara today Four highly qualified and experienced speakers presented this series of stimulating talks culminating in the M J Barnett Memorial Lecture on Thursday 15 August 2019. [one_half] Venue The Winter Speaker Series 2019 venue was The KIOSK, Christchurch Botanic Gardens. There is plenty of … Read More