CHICKWEED – Stellaria media

A real nuisance once it gets into your garden, this plant does have its uses!

Originally native to Europe and Asia it now grows wild throughout much of the world preferring cultivated moist soils but is not fussy, becoming variable in size and habit.

Buried seeds are known to retain their viability for at least 25 years and the plant can even flower and ripen seeds under snow! Don’t let it flower or you will have it forever!

In cool moist conditions it forms a dense green mat and is difficult to pull out while hoed plants quickly re-root. Beware!

Yes, a nuisance in your garden, but it can be handy in the Winter. Wild and caged birds eat chickweed but do make sure no flowers or seeds are available as the seeds pass through and germinate in their droppings. Pigs, rabbits, cows and horses will eat it, sheep are indifferent to it while goats refuse to touch it.

However, you can add young chickweed tops to salads, and if you cook it very quickly it tastes a bit like spinach.

“There is a use for all things”

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